Heritage Sheep Reproduction, LLC is working with the USA and UK sheep industries to facilitate the shipment of both frozen ram semen and frozen sheep embryos from UK to breeders in the USA from a range of UK breeds. Owned by Deb Nelson Gourley, B.S., M.S., this new and novel type company assists USA sheep breeders of any size flock, but especially those raising unique breeds. The USDA/APHIS has approved Deb's import permits totaling 7,000 straws of frozen ram semen from 30+ breeds in the United Kingdom. All frozen ram semen shipments are stored at Great Lakes Sire Service, Bronson, MI, under liquid nitrogen (-196C/-320F) long-term cryopreservation. All frozen sheep embryos will be stored at Reproduction Specialty Group, Lebanon, IN. This will allow for trained personal to pack and re-ship semen tanks for distribution across the USA to meet both the USDA Scrapie Program requirements and client needs.

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South Country Cheviot


Kerry Hill

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Needed for liaising with both USA/UK breeders and breed societies to source rams and ensure a smooth flow of information. Contact your USA breed association for genetic diversity suggestions.

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5 straws per client minimum order (can be multiple rams and breeds)