North Country Cheviot 100% UK Embryos from Donor Ewes & Rams - in UK/AI Centre for early 2024 import


Note: (see Interest Form & News for details)

For USA only [Canada not approved yet for UK embryos]

= $595.00 per Grade 1 embryo [importation fee NOT included in price]
= $417.00 per Grade 2 embryo [importation fee NOT included in price], 30% discount
TOTAL order needs to be 4 embryos minimum
Codon Scrapie Genotype testing to source ARR/ARR (highest resistance) rams and Codon testing donor ewes + plus any cost overrun. Embryos shipped to Reproduction Specialty Group (RSG), Lebanon, Indiana.
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North Country Cheviot Embryo Transfer Program includes: 10 Smerlie donor ewes and 2 ram sires. See b&w chart with 4 columns: Donor ewe UK number, Smerlie Photo Donor ewe # (on ewes back), Sire of Donor ewe, Dam's Sire of Donor ewe

All embryos will be shipped to this location for storage, transfer into recipient ewes and/or re-shipping:
Reproduction Specialty Group
Dr Tad Thompson, DVM
2590 N 500 E, Lebanon, IN 46052
(765) 978-0301

USDA/APHIS (1 Dec 2022): Effective immediately, sheep and goat in-vivo embryos and oocytes from the United Kingdom of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and Northern Ireland will be eligible for import into the United States. Importation of such commodities is only permitted for direct transfer to recipient females in U.S. flocks or herds listed in the National Scrapie Database, or to an Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)-approved embryo storage facility where they may be kept until transfer to the aforementioned recipient females. * For in vivo-derived sheep embryos only: The embryos are of the genotype AAQR or AARR based on official testing of the parents of the embryos. Testing was performed at an officially approved laboratory, and laboratory reports are attached to the certificate;

UK owner: Andrew Polson, Smerlie North Country Cheviots, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK

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USA Embryo Transfer Coordinator
Heritage Sheep Reproduction
Deb Nelson Gourley, B.S, M.S.