Wensleydale (Black) “West End Drongo 7671B” (694/18/747B) (UK0107504-00747) - Tank #1


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Born: 2018

Pedigree [click on image to ENLARGE]

       G Sire: Biddesden Toucan (7301B)
Sire: West End Starling (7507B) 
       G Dam: (694/13/048B)

       G Sire: West End Nero (7421B)
Dam: West End (694/15/435B) 
       G Dam: (694/09/948B)

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR

Description [from Prescott/West End Wensleydales about their 4 rams listed and also from their website]: "They are very big sheep had lovely fleece and excellent conformation. Of the whites, Brexit was our breeding and Boris was one of Mary Smith’s, whose breeding is in many champions. The blacks are both ours: Drongo has a very black fleece with a good crimp and Brigand is a lovely pewter colour with big curls.”

Drongo_1st image_front, taken in 2020
Drongo_2nd image_pedigree
Drongo_3rd image_Brigand (pewter) in front & Drongo (black) in back, taken in 2020

There is something very appealing about Black Wensleydales. Recently, with the increase in demand for natually coloured wools, their black fleece is listed in the wool board schedule as one of the highest priced.

There is a great variation in the fleece, not only in the colour, but also in type. Some have a very tight crimp and others very open with a big loose curl and softer handle - the latter being more of a spinning fleece. The staple of a black yearling fleece is often not quite as long as that of a white. Black fleece, especially with a long staple and good crimp, is very popular with felters.

At West End Farm we raise prize-winning, pedigree Wensleydale Sheep - a breed renowned for its superb fleece.  We have both a white and a black flock. For 30 years we have shown sheep and fleece successfully at the Great Yorkshire Show, the RBST annual show and others shows in the north of England.

Drongo_1st image_front, taken in 2020
Drongo_2nd image_Brigand (silver) closest & Drongo (black) behind, taken in 2020
Drongo_3rd image_pedigree
Drongo_4th image_side (in i/q, May 2021)

UK ram owners: John and Shelagh Prescott, West End Wensleydales, Longhorsley, Northumberland, England, UK

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Cory Simpson