Teeswater "Downkillybegs 1102-21-018" (UK1720019-02980) - Tank #2


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Born: 21 March 2021, Twin


         G Sire: Blaney 1132-12-001
Sire: Downkillybegs 1102-18-018
         G Dam: Downkillybegs 1102-15-005

         G Sire: Moybrick 1040-11-008
Dam: Downkillybegs 1102-14-002
         G Dam: Downkillybegs 1102-09-001

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR (R1)
Scrapie Monitored Negative Flock
Maedi Visna (MV) Accredited Flock

Awaiting Official Teeswater Pedigree Certificate from the Teeswater Sheep Society

   The Downkillybegs pedigree Teeswater flock was established in 2007 with 4 pedigree ewes and has risen in numbers to now being one of the largest flocks in Ireland. 
   The bloodlines at Downkillybegs are selected for fleece quality, carcass quality with good fleshing ability and true breed type on a strong body structure.
   With a large flock at Downkillybegs, it is important to keep a diverse gene pool of bloodlines which enables the Downkillybegs flock to sell females and unrelated rams to new flock start-ups. Pedigree breeding sheep from Downkillybegs have been exported to Scotland, England, Isle of Man and Eire. 
   Strict selection on true breed type with bold appearance and strong structural correctness are the linchpin criteria that define Downkillybegs Teeswaters.
   The Downkillybegs flock is one of the highest health status flocks in the Teeswater Association and undergoes annual testing and inspections to maintain

this elite status.

Downkillybegs 1102-21-018_side
Downkillybegs 1102-21-018_TSBA pedigree
Downkillybegs 1102-21-018_Sire_Downkillybegs 1102-18-018
Downkillybegs 1102-21-018_with Dam_ Downkillybegs 1102-14-002
Downkillybegs 1102-21-018_flock picture Spring 2021
Downkillybegs 1102-21-018_flock picture Spring 2021
Downkillybegs 1102-21-018_flock picture Spring 2021
Downkillybegs 1102-21-018_hand pedigree

UK ram owner: William Carson, Downkillybegs Dorsets, Ballymena, Northern Ireland, UK

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USA/Canada Teeswater Breed Coordinator
Cindy Cieciwa