Kerry Hill 100% UK Embryos from 5 Donor Ewes & 4 Rams, price/embryo includes import into USA - in UK/AI Centre for Fall 2023 import


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UPDATE on embryos sales, 20 July 2023
= 30 Grade 1 embryos sold in USA
= 11 Grade 1 embryos being sold Internationally via UK/AI Centre
= 8 Grade 2 embryos sold Internationally via UK/AI Centre
= $595.00 per embryo [includes importation fee*], Grade #1 embryos ONLY, 4 embryos minimum order
[importation fee* = Codon Scrapie Genotype testing to source ARR/ARR (highest resistance) rams and Codon testing donor ewes, UK Gov Sign-off, transport to London, non-stop flight to USA, tank fully insured, USDA/APHIS Customs inspection, shipment from Customs to Reproduction Specialty Group (RSG), Lebanon, Indiana, in-inventory at RSG, return tank to UK for next shipment] + plus any cost overrun
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- UK/AI Centre recommends 2 embryos [from the same donor sire flush] into each recipient ewe [surrogate mother] 
- Example 4 embryos [minimum order] you can request [2 embryos sired by 2 of the below listed rams] or [all 4 embryos sired by one ram]. Limited supply . . . 1st come/1st serve!

5 UK Kerry Hill Donor ewes:
Born: 2019-2020 [see attached pedigrees]
Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR & ARR/ARQ
Embryos sired by 4 UK Kerry Rams*:
Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR
1st flush 22 Dec 2022 _ Marlbrook, Nidderdale Jim, Whitfield Barracuda
2nd flush 30 Jan 2023 _ Carpenters Ace, Whitfield Barracuda
* click tab for all ram data: Shop UK Frozen Ram Semen

All embryos will be shipped to this location for storage, transfer into recipient ewes and/or re-shipping:
Reproduction Specialty Group
Dr Tad Thompson, DVM
2590 N 500 E, Lebanon, IN 46052
(765) 978-0301

USDA/APHIS (1 Dec 2022): Effective immediately, sheep and goat in-vivo embryos and oocytes from the United Kingdom of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and Northern Ireland will be eligible for import into the United States. Importation of such commodities is only permitted for direct transfer to recipient females in U.S. flocks or herds listed in the National Scrapie Database, or to an Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)-approved embryo storage facility where they may be kept until transfer to the aforementioned recipient females. * For in vivo-derived sheep embryos only: The embryos are of the genotype AAQR or AARR based on official testing of the parents of the embryos. Testing was performed at an officially approved laboratory, and laboratory reports are attached to the certificate;

ET Donor Ewes_1st & 2nd ET Flush results with 4 rams
ET Donor Ewes_side
ET Donor Ewes_side/front
ET Donor Ewes_1st & 2nd flush results
ET Donor Ewes_Whitfield Flock info
ET Donor Ewes_5 pedigrees

UK donor ewes owner: Chris Adamson, Whitfield Flock of Kerry Hill Sheep, Lancashire, England, UK

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USA Embryo Transfer Coordinator
Heritage Sheep Reproduction
Deb Nelson Gourley, B.S, M.S.