Dorset (Polled) "Huish" A26:E22495 (UK0364432-22495) - Tank #3 - Semen Imported into USA


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= $135.00 per straw [includes importation fee*], 5 straws minimum order can be a mixture of rams & breeds
[importation fee* = Codon Scrapie Genotype testing to source ARR/ARR (highest resistance) rams, UK Gov Sign-off, transport to London, non-stop flight to USA, tank fully insured, USDA/APHIS Customs inspection, shipment from Customs to Great Lakes Sire Service (GLSS) Bronson, Michigan, in-inventory at GLSS, return tank to UK for next shipment] + plus any cost overrun

Ram available for UK to USA importation ONLY

Born: 29 Sept 2021

Pedigree [click on images to ENLARGE & scroll]

       G Sire: Sherborne Wayfarer
Sire: Blackdown Aslan
       G Dam: Blackdown

       G Sire: Huish
Dam: Huish
       G Dam: Huish

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR, plus from Scrapie Monitored Flock

The Huish Flock specialises in the breeding, exportation and genetic development of the Poll Dorset, Suffolk and Exlana breeds.

"Huish" A26:E22495_side
"Huish" A26:E22495_pedigree
"Huish" A26:E22495_breeder/owner
"Huish" A26:E22495_EBVs
"Huish" A26:E22495_EBV Accuracy

UK ram breeder/owner: D W Rossiter, Huish Flock, Burton, Galmpton, Kingsbridge, Devon, England, UK

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