Bluefaced Leicester

A longwool breed, the Bluefaced Leicester was developed originally as the Dishley Leicester and later the Hexham Leicester, the breed is primarily used in the UK as a maternal sire, being used on hill breeds such as the Swaledale and Scottish Blackface to produce crossbred females known as Mules.

These Mule ewes are popular as a commercial ewe in many parts of the UK, being crossed with terminal sires to produce prime lambs for the UK and European retail trade.

The breed is characterised by its Roman nose and while the original Bluefaced Leicester has a blue hue to the skin on its head, recent years have seen the development of the ‘Crossing Type’ which has a darker colour to its head. This ‘Crossing Type’ is gaining favour for breeding Mules as it leaves darker headed progeny which are the preferred type of many UK farmers.