Zwartbles "Haydan Legacy" 01510-6625 (UK310417-06625) - in UK/AI Centre for Fall 2023 import


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= $115.00 per straw [includes importation fee*], 5 straws minimum order can be a mixture of rams & breeds
[importation fee* = Codon Scrapie Genotype testing to source ARR/ARR (highest resistance) rams, UK Gov Sign-off, transport to London, non-stop flight to USA, tank fully insured, USDA/APHIS Customs inspection, shipment from Customs to Great Lakes Sire Service (GLSS) Bronson, Michigan, in-inventory at GLSS, return tank to UK for next shipment] + plus any cost overrun

Born: 9 Jan 2023, twin

Pedigree [click on images to ENLARGE & scroll]

       G Sire: Kiln Fields Black Label
Sire: Beech Hay Royal Academy
       G Dam: Woodston

       G Sire: Haydan Hallmark
Dam: Haydan Jewel
       G Dam: Beech Hay Citi Dancer

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR


Haydan Legacy's sire was Royal Welsh Champion and sire of many winners. His paternal grandsire, Kiln Fields Black Label, was one of the most influential sires in the UK Zwartbles breed.  His maternal grandmother, Beech Hay Citi Dancer, was Royal Welsh Champion and probably the best female bred here.  Her sire Beech Hay Asset was also Royal Welsh Champion.

The Beech Hay/Haydan flocks of Zwartbles is one of the most successful flocks in the UK. Haydan is the flock name for our son’s flock kept at the same farm.

Started in 2005 animals bred at Beech Hay have topped official breed sales and won most major championships including, 6 Royal Welsh, 1 Royal of England, 2 Royal Highland and 2 Great Yorkshire.

We have prided ourselves on breeding and supplying stock to many flocks around the country and including the Estate of the Late Queen Mother.

Haydan Legacy_right side
Haydan Legacy_pedigree
Haydan Legacy_pasture
Haydan Legacy_front
Haydan Legacy_left side

UK ram breeder/owner: Dan Grinnall, Clay Farm, Worcestershire, England, UK

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