Leicester Longwool "Windy Ridge Westerly" LL7748 (UK0207928-00104) - in UK/AI Centre for Fall 2023 import


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= $115.00 per straw [includes importation fee*], 5 straws minimum order can be a mixture of rams & breeds
[importation fee* = Codon Scrapie Genotype testing to source ARR/ARR (highest resistance) rams, UK Gov Sign-off, transport to London, non-stop flight to USA, tank fully insured, USDA/APHIS Customs inspection, shipment from Customs to Great Lakes Sire Service (GLSS) Bronson, Michigan, in-inventory at GLSS, return tank to UK for next shipment] + plus any cost overrun

Born: 17 Feb 2015

Pedigree [click on images to ENLARGE & scroll]

       G Sire: Delta Draco LL6587
Sire: Windy Ridge Kona LL6842
       G Dam: Oxgang F18 LL4602

       G Sire: Flitwick Harold LL6682
Dam: Kemplerigg P86 LL5318
       G Dam: Kemplerigg F1073 LL4641

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR


Photo is of Windy Ridge Westerly winning both Leicester Longwool Champion Ram and Breed Champion at the Malton Show, North Yorkshire, England on 1 July 2018.

Our flock was founded in the Autumn of 2007 with 2 breeding ewes from the Oxgang Flock, East Yorkshire, England. By 2020, we had 38 breeding ewes and 6 stock rams. Leicester Longwool sheep have high quality lustrous fleece, demonstrate evenness in length and diameter and have a Bradford count of 40-46. A staple of around 40 cm on an unshorn shearling is not unusual.

Windy Ridge Westerly_side
Windy Ridge Westerly_pedigree
Windy Ridge Westerly_flock ewe

UK ram breeder: Wendy Ridge Flock of Pedigree Leicester Longwools, Upton (a small hamlet in the Leicestershire countryside), England, UK

UK ram owner: Animal Breeding Europe, (AB Europe), Edinburgh, Scotland

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