Leicester Longwool "Windy Ridge Hooly" LLW10039 (UK0207928-00301) - in UK/AI Centre for early 2024 import


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= $115.00 per straw [includes importation fee*], 5 straws minimum order can be a mixture of rams & breeds
[importation fee* = Codon Scrapie Genotype testing to source ARR/ARR (highest resistance) rams, UK Gov Sign-off, transport to London, non-stop flight to USA, tank fully insured, USDA/APHIS Customs inspection, shipment from Customs to Great Lakes Sire Service (GLSS) Bronson, Michigan, in-inventory at GLSS, return tank to UK for next shipment] + plus any cost overrun


Pedigree [click on images to ENLARGE & scroll]

       G Sire: Nomis Leighton . . .[Breed Champion]
Sire: Windy Ridge Upsurge
       G Dam: Kemplerigg M1 . . . [Female Champion]

       G Sire: Windy Ridge Shamal . . . [Interbreed Champion]
Dam: Windy Ridge D0233
       G Dam: Windy Ridge A0150

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR


Windy Ridge Hooly, comes from a line of UK Leicester Longwool Champions on both the sire and dams side.

Our flock was founded in the Autumn of 2007 with 2 breeding ewes from the Oxgang Flock, East Yorkshire, England. By 2020, we had 38 breeding ewes and 6 stock rams. Leicester Longwool sheep have high quality lustrous fleece, demonstrate evenness in length and diameter and have a Bradford count of 40-46. A staple of around 40 cm on an unshorn shearling is not unusual.

Dam's Sire info . . . Rare breed Leicester Longwool ram is a Supreme Champion [2015]: Delighted Alan and Sonia Glover put their Windy Ridge Farm in Upton on the map when they grabbed the accolade at the Royal Three Counties National Rare and Minority Breeds Show at Malvern, England, UK . . . Their three-year-old Leicester Longwool ram Windy Ridge Shamal won the best Leicester Longwool, then the best Longwool and finally Supreme Champion Interbreed Sheep after being judged on carcass and wool - beating off competition from more than 1,000 entries from all over the UK.

Windy Ridge Hooly_pedigree
Windy Ridge Hooly_check back for ram's photo

UK ram breeders/owners: S & A Glover, Windy Ridge Flock of Pedigree Leicester Longwools, Upton (a small hamlet in the Leicestershire countryside), England, UK

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